Chinese New Year and how quickly image makes me crazy.


Chinese New Year

Last week it became the year of the goat.

Last week I was very proud of myself for my plans to celebrate a random holiday with my kids. I found reasonable, easy projects that I was sure everyone would love to do together. I put together a menu full of symbolisim, I found a bunch of YouTube videos of Chinese phrases, and I was all set to have this wonderful magical activity with my family. The children were unimpressed. Crafts were not that great. Speaking Chinese was not fun. Dinner was only OK. Then I snapped at dad because I was trying to talk about the symbolisim of each food while I served it to the kids (fail). So, I put down the camera, ate dinner, and afterward we enjoyed some left over 4th of July fireworks. Without pressure, or a camera, or expectations. It was the best part of the whole thing.


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